About Us


Student Produced at Vanderbilt University by:

Lauren Gardner & Scott Greer

VIBE’s History and Mission:

“VIBE was founded during the Spring semester of 2005,  and is Vanderbilt University’s premiere hip-hop dance group on-campus. Since the 1980s, hip-hop culture has been a uniting force among the younger generation and continues to bring people together from different backgrounds who have hip-hop as a common interest.  In the spirit of hip-hop, VIBE stands apart from other Vanderbilt organizations in its approach to unite Vanderbilt’s often divided campus.  As Vanderbilt becomes more racially, culturally, geographically, and religiously diverse, VIBE enthusiastically promotes and supports these changes. VIBE sees it as progress in our Vanderbilt community and greater Nashville community. In fact, VIBE’s co-founders are a testimony to the power of hip-hop and its ability to unite diverse individuals who without the impact of hip hop, would not have had the life-changing opportunity to form such a unique friendship.  Although VIBE has an Executive board, every VIBE member is encouraged and expected to take part in the operation of the organization. For instance, all VIBE members give back to the organization by taking an active role in one of VIBE’s committees, (Publicity, Fundraising, VIBEBonding, Special Events/Community Service, and Costumes) and as such are integral to VIBE’s successes. VIBE spreads its energy to the Vanderbilt campus through their participation in various events, some of which include, Vanderbilt’s Commodore Quake, LiveVU, Mosaic Weekend, NPHC Step Show, the Vanderbilt Dance Program Concert, and Men’s Basketball Half-times to name a few.  VIBE’s commitment to diversity, a democratic style of leadership, and desire to spread the love of hip-hop dance and culture make VIBE a valuable student organization, and a unique part of the greater Vanderbilt community.”



  1. i really want to be a part of your dance group…it is super cool..lol
    please send me a message or comment on my myspace page telling me how i can join, and if you can’t because your not my friend..send me a friend request , then when i approve it can you send the information

  2. you guys have auditions?

  3. where are you based

    • we are based on Nashville, TN with Vanderbilt University

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