Upcoming Performances/Events

  • VIBE Auditions:
    • Mandatory Clinic: Saturday, September 5th, 2009 4-7pm
    • Auditions: Sunday, September 6th, 2009 12-3pm
    • Memorial Gym, Studio C
  • VIBEshow 2009
    • Saturday, December 5th
      7:30pm, Sarratt Cinema
Momentum Dance Show:
Momentum Dance Group performs typically at the Vanderbilt Dance Program concerts, but as of late, the Vanderbilt Dance Program is requiring an audition of pieces from student groups prior to admittance into the show, and also strongly encourages a close work relationship with the staff of choreographers of the Vanderbilt Dance Program in order to produce a more acceptable dance piece in terms of a final product. As such, Momentum has had limited performance opportunities, and has organized their own show, in which they may perform all of their student choreographed pieces. This will be the 2nd Momentum Dance Show and this year they are only showcasing their fellow dance groups: VIBE and Rhythm and Roots, instead of the several performance groups they invited to perform last year. Momentum and VIBE have collaborated together in the past 2 years several times in order to create dance fusion pieces combining the dance genres of jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. Momentum invites VIBE to perform in order to demonstrate this relationship, celebrate collaboration, and in order to better satisfy the desires of the audience to see dance produced at Vanderbilt University by all of Vanderbilt student dance groups.
LiveVU-Mosaic (Medley of Students and Ideas Connecting):
Date: Friday, March 14, 2008 @ 7PM in Vanderbilt’s Student Life Center
The purpose of MOSAIC is to give prospective minority students a unique introduction to a campus constantly striving for increased diversity and awareness. LiveVU is a show that is an amalgamation of performances form different campus organizations. The show is put on to show the prospectives, making up a majority of the audience, what types of activities are available to them on Vanderbilt’s campus. VIBE actually has two current members, who were recruited to Vanderbilt and to VIBE through LiveVU. They knew the wanted to attend Vanderbilt and dance with VIBE after seeing VIBE perform last year. For many students, MOSAIC is what proves successful in determining Vanderbilt as their school of choice.
NPHC Step Show:
The NPHC fraternities and sororities demonstrate their “stepping” skills to the Vanderbilt community and compete with a panel of judges in order to determine who steps best. The show is a showcase of “stepping,” which is a complex performance involving synchronized percussive movement, singing, speaking, chanting, and drama. In fact, it can be traced to cultural African dance traditions, specifically one called the “Gumboot Dance”. With a focus on precise foot movements and hand-clapping, gumboots used dance as a means of strategic communication. VIBE is invited to perform as the hip-hop dance company at Vanderbilt, and to spread the love of hip-hop culture and dance, and to provide entertainment while the judges calculate who won the competition. VIBE performed in order to energize the crowd, demonstrate our appreciation for the very challenging art of “stepping,” and show our support for all Greek student organizations on Vanderbilt’s campus.
The event showcases the vast talents of their company, while it will also celebrate hip-hop culture and also dance through the inclusion of VIBE dancers in their performance pieces. VIBE will be performing two routines with the Jugglers, one being a jump rope piece, and the other people a trash can ballet. VIBE will be performing in order to learn from the Jugglers, celebrate collaboration between the groups, and in order to expand upon our own choreographic and performance capabilities.

Fashion for a Cause:

“Fashion for a Cause” is a non-profit organization on Vanderbilt’s campus, which puts on a fashion show every Spring where the proceeds go to benefit a different cause each year. This year all of the proceeds are going to the Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee’s College Tours Program. The program takes students of middle school through high school age on a tour of colleges around the country. The theme of the show this year is “Street Smarts,” because they thought it would incorporate an edgy, urban feel with the educational goal of the College Tours Program. Since the organization is seeking an urban feel, they invited VIBE, being the hip-hop dance organization on-campus, with hip-hop culture and dance originating from urbanity. VIBE will be performing during the intermission of the show, in order to bring hip-hop culture, style, and dance to the event with the purpose of entertaining and energizing the audience.
Lambda Drag Show:
The Lambda Drag Show is an event sponsored by the Vanderbilt Lambda Association, a GLBT advocacy group on Vanderbilt’s campus. The show also includes other participants from Nashville Pride, Nashville Cares, Out and About, and Tennessee Equality Project. The show features entertainment from models dressed in drag, and performances by these individuals, in addition to performances by other student groups. The purpose of this event is to provide a fun event for the entire campus to enjoy, which gives people a taste of a particular type of performance Vanderbilt is not accustomed to seeing on-campus. VIBE is invited to perform for the second year in a row since we are the hip-hop dance group on-campus and bring a similar flash and energy with our performances. VIBE will be performing in order to energize the crowd, spread the love of hip-hop culture, and dance and also to actively demonstrate our dedication to diversity and show support for the Lambda Association and the GLBT community.
InVUsion is an event sponsored by several of the multicultural organizations on Vanderbilt’s campus as a final showcase at the end of Multicultural week. The stage is outside on Alumni Lawn, and there is ethnic food severed buffet-style prior to the show. They have invited VIBE to perform since we are the most diverse student organization on-campus, and as such we celebrate multiculturalism and will perform in order to demonstrate unity between VIBE and the Multicultural communities.
Hip Hop Week-“Open Mic Night”:
This event is part of Vanderbilt’s first annual Hip Hop Week, and celebrates Spoken Word, hip-hop poetry, and emceeing. The event is being co-sponsored by the Black Cultural Center (BCC), Vanderbilt Spoken Word, and Vanderbilt Housing and Residential Life. The event will include several booths and games, similar to a carnival in order to reflect hip-hop culture. The show will be structured to include open mic performances, and performances by Vanderbilt student groups, including Vanderbilt Spoken Word and VIBE. VIBE was invited to perform since VIBE is the on-campus hip-hop dance group, and is co-sponsoring Hip Hop Week with the Black Cultural Center (BCC) and Vanderbilt Spoken Word. VIBE will perform in order to spread the love of hip hop culture and dance, to energize the audience, educate them about the depth, meaning, and overall impression hip-hop dance can have when performed in an academic environment, and also to actively demonstrate VIBE’s support for and alliance with Vanderbilt Spoken Word.
Hip-Hop Week-“Final Showcase”:
This event serves as the closing celebration of Vanderbilt’s Hip Hop Week, and will be a showcase of the several culminating arts associated with hip-hop culture including: dance, Spoken Word, step, and other physical performance art. The showcase will include works from Vanderbilt’s two hip-hop organizations: VIBE and Vanderbilt Spoken Word, while it also invites other Nashville collegiate student hip-hop performance groups to come and perform together on one stage in order to stimulate communication across campuses in Nashville, demonstrate collegiate collaboration, and foster a more visible collegiate hip-hop performance community in Nashville. VIBE is invited to perform since VIBE is the premiere hip-hop dance group on-campus, and VIBE is co-sponsoring Hip Hop Week. VIBE will perform in order to spread our love for hip-hop culture and dance, to collaborate with other organizations, to learn from other student groups, to stimulate conversation between the groups, and hopefully to foster relationships with these groups in order to collaborate in the future.
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