ALL VIBE Performance Videos (from the beginning):


Fall 2005:

“Feelin’ Ourselves”

Vanderbilt Dance Program Fall Concert

with the beginning dedication to Jessica Heron

Spring 2006:

“When Did You First Fall In Love With Hip Hop?”

“Collaboration Controversy”

VIBE and Momentum Dance Groups come together for the first collaborative performance “They Don’t Care About Us” which is also the title of the song by Michael Jackson. The piece is a fusion of jazz and hip-hop and was choreographed by Lauren Gardner and Sabrina Johnson Turner and all choreography is property of them.

Fall 2006:

VIBE Opens at Vanderbilt’s QUAKE Concert and this past year opened for Ludacris. This was my first performance with VIBE.

VIBE also performed in the Fall of 2006 at a Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball Game Half-time. These videos together show the whole routine, yet one is of the beginning in wide and the other is of the middle and end in close-up.

Spring 2007:

Here VIBE performs at Dance Marathon, which is a benefit for the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. VIBE opened Dance Marathon with this performance. I choreographed the section of the piece to the song ‘Too Much Booty in the Pants.”

VIBE performs for Mosaic Weekend at Vanderbilt. Here VIBE performs a tribute piece to America by individually repping their cities and regions. I choreographed the portion of choreography to “Midwest Swing.” Be sure to watch both part I and part II for the complete experience.

NPHC Step Show:

VIBE teamed up with Momentum for a more jazzy performance at the annual Lambda Drag Show held at Vanderbilt University.

VIBE performs to Fergi’s hit “Glamorous” at the Lambda Drag Show with Dion Isis.

VIBE performs a fusion piece combining hip-hop with modern dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned/I think she knows.” Choreographed by: Danny Neelon

“Girls Are Talkin'” is a VIBEmentum collaboration piece between both VIBE and Momentum Dance Groups, which Lauren Gardner choreographed.

“Just VIBE-in” is the piece VIBE guest performed at the Momentum’s Dance Show.

FALL 2007:

VPAC “Spotlight” Performance:


1st Annual VIBE Show: Plenty more videos still to come…


Choreographed by: Michelle Kim, Daphne Li, and Alex Quintero


Choreographed by: Isaac Lias (guest choreographer), assisted by Arnetta Bell

Sabrina’s Hip Hop Dream

Choreographed by: Lauren Gardner and Michelle Kim

Worth Leaving?

Choreographed by: Danny Neelon and Alison Wilhelm


Choreographed by: Lauren Gardner

Spring 2008:

“Old School, New School:” VIBE Performs at the Vanderbilt Black History Month Kickoff

February 1, 2008 at The Student Life Center

Choerographed by: Akua Hill

We So Hyphy! VIBE Performs “Hyphy” at Vanderbilt’s RecFest

February 1, 2008 at the Rec Center

Choreographed by: Michelle Kim, Daphne Li, and Alex Quintero

Dance Marathon Spring 2008 (Feb. 15, 2008)

Hip Hop Week: ‘One Mic, One Movement’

Live VU:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



  1. hello, y’all are the most awesome crew i ever seen in my life. I want to join yall soooo bad when i get out of high school.

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