Spring 2007 Videos

Spring 2007:

Here VIBE performs at Dance Marathon, which is a benefit for the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. VIBE opened Dance Marathon with this performance. I choreographed the section of the piece to the song ‘Too Much Booty in the Pants.”

VIBE performs for Mosaic Weekend at Vanderbilt. Here VIBE performs a tribute piece to America by individually repping their cities and regions. I choreographed the portion of choreography to “Midwest Swing.” Be sure to watch both part I and part II for the complete experience.

NPHC Step Show:

VIBE teamed up with Momentum for a more jazzy performance at the annual Lambda Drag Show held at Vanderbilt University.

VIBE performs to Fergi’s hit “Glamorous” at the Lambda Drag Show with Dion Isis.

VIBE performs a fusion piece combining hip-hop with modern dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned/I think she knows”

“Girls Are Talkin'” is a VIBEmentum collaboration piece between both VIBE and Momentum Dance Groups, which I choreographed.

“Just VIBE-in” is the piece VIBE guest performed at the Momentum’s Dance Show.


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